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9:34pm Mar 14th
Will you share your remixes and stuff?! D: That would be REALLY awesome! I love this website, I found it a long time ago, and I'm sad to see no more updates. :[
6:33pm Feb 5th
chris van
awesome site! keep it up. i wanna know if you can share some of the remixes with me. what do you think? i dont have anything in return tho. it's okay if you don't want to. thanks. God bless.
12:56pm Dec 2nd
Hi! Love your songs! I just have one question, what is the guy singing in the backgroung for Ari Ari? Thanks ^_^
11:30am Aug 13th
I love your site, thanx so much for all the info especially the lyrics section! <33
11:34pm Jun 12th
Your site is awsome!!!
That' a wonderful source of information in english and the most incredible thing, the lyrics translated.
Thk for everything
1:27am May 31st
Waaah! A Lee Jung Hyun fansite! I am very much into her music! :)
11:01am May 16th
Hey! It's MemorialAddress from AHS!
I am in love with your site, it's wonderful!
I have looked for lyrics everywhere, and finally I found them here with you! :)
12:53pm May 14th
Hey, I love your site. If you need to host it on a domain (ad-free) just let me know! I have plenty of space and I totally wouldn't mind hosting this fansite. :)

P.S. I think you should add pictures of the album covers in the discography section. I sometimes get confused between her Japanese and Korean releases when I'm trying to buy them!
7:59am Apr 17th
Thanks man, you should get a better host to get rid of that ad though.
9:47am Apr 13th
Hey I love this site! Finally, a Lee Jung Hyun fansite, and a good one at that! Thanks!!